Founder of the Army Bird Watching Society Dies

Founder and first Chairman of The Army Bird Watching Society (ABWS), precursor of today's Army Ornithological Society, Major General “Griff” Caldwell has died aged 93.

His obituary, detailing his distinguished career, has been published in The Telegraph.


  1. pat toms | 28th May 2016 11:26 AM

    Major General Caldwell must have been a forward thinking man to introduce the Military to Bird watching,this was a revolutionary Idea when he decided to do this.
    Through his forward thinking it has given people like myself a chance to have, some real perception of the value of this and have,had a view of nature with like minded people.I will have to try and see if i can see his Biography on the websites,however on looking at the information I see that his biography has been recorded in the Telegraph,93 is a good innings and maybe his Bird watching kept him young and fit having his knowledge of bird watching?

  2. patrick. toms | 27th Mar 2020 09:11 PM

    My experience at Bird watching has always been my interest from a Child I have just seen the article about Major General Caldwell 93 years old and his interest in Birds Military Army Birdwatching.No doubt about his Bird watching this must have kept him in the lands of Birding,And gave us some interest from the difficulties of our Soldiering Days.I shall be 81 years old -on April 12th 2020,My interest is mainly walking along the coastal path and Bangor bay,there is something about this place which gives us a constant viewing of our sea birds and hedge rows.The Hooded Crow being a common Bird here,but not seen in the south of England we are so lucky to be near the sea.


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