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Site Maintenance - Fri 16 Aug 19 - Completed

The website routine maintenance and upgrade was completed successfully and ahead of schedule.

As ever, thank you to Make Hay for making it such a pain free experience.


The Adjutant 2017

The 2017 edition of The Adjutant (Volume 38) is now publicly available via the AOS website.


New President Announced

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the new President of the Army Ornithological Society is Maj Gen Kevin Abraham CB late RA. A long-standing member of the ABWS and AOS, General Kevin is a very keen birder and looks forward to taking an active role in the Society.

Kevin Abraham joined the Army in 1983 having read Philosophy at St Andrews University. He was commissioned into the Royal Artillery and spent the majority of his time at regimental duty serving with 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, whether in Germany, Canada, UK, Kenya, Bosnia or Kosovo.

In recent years, he has had appointments involving the force development of the Army, its re-design through the Army 2020 project, and lately, as the Director General of Army Reform, with particular responsibility for the development of the Army Reserve.

He is Honorary Colonel of the Tayforth Universities Officer Training Corps (St Andrews, Dundee, Stirling and Abertay universities) and a member of the Honourable Artillery Company, serving on its Regimental Council.

Home is in Wiltshire with wife Julia and labrador Pip. Birding, sailing, skiing, and watching rugby are his principal interests.


The Adjutant 2015 - Call for Articles

At the AGM, Hon Editor made a request to the membership for articles for the 2015 edition of The Adjutant.

Articles are requested for submission by no later than mid-October. 

Text should be submitted in Microsoft Word, or compatible, format and any accompanying images must be submitted separately, i.e. not embedded in the text document.


Founder of the Army Bird Watching Society Dies

Founder and first Chairman of The Army Bird Watching Society (ABWS), precursor of today's Army Ornithological Society, Major General “Griff” Caldwell has died aged 93.

His obituary, detailing his distinguished career, has been published in The Telegraph.