(1) Blog Posts Made in June 2019


I have spent months away adding to my birds of the western paleartic list (Finland 7 and Iceland 1).  I have also added moths (Sicily) and orchids (Gargano, Italy).  It is only recently that I have been out on the Plain where I have seen and heard Quail. I also saw Stone Curlew on its plot from distance.  I added Yellow Wagtail to the list for this year.  There are plenty of Corn Bunting, Yellowhammer and Whinchat about as well as Linnet, Skylark and Meadow Pipit.  This dry weather can cause some fires and one already has started but soon extinguised itself.  There are plenty of orchids about but mainly Pyramdal and Spotted.  Butterflies include Meadow Brown, Small Heath, Marbled White, Painted Lady, Small Skipper and Marsh Fritillary.  They are live firing tomorrow so I shall check out a wood north of Devizes I have been surveying for the BTO.  We are now one conservation group so no longer do I represent just the West.  I was out on the East the other day and found 5 spot and 6 spot Burnets.   I have also been on the Centre as well!  By the way yesterday was Armed Forces Day in Salisbury and I was there with Kaiser Chiefs playing the last slot on the stage.