(1) Blog Posts Made in August 2015


I have certainly left it too long to write about the Imber area.  I have also covered areas on the Centre and East during the last period as well as sites around the Plain.  I have also been ringing on the Centre and Braydon Forest areas.  I even had some time to do some birding in Slovenia (bee-keeper nest site) on a football trip and birding in Hyde Park.  At times the West has been out of bounds as this is an area the military still has some control as otherwise the lack of patrols has seen an increase in use by people walking dogs, riding bikes and 4x4 users.  The main birds continue to be a good range of chats and warblers.  There are family groups at this time of year including Kestrels (saw 4 families within a drive along the beril valley only a week ago).  I have seen 2 Wheatears on the Plain but only 1 on the west in the Berril Valley to the east of Imber Village.  The Stone Curlew plots have had half  the plot tilled and on one we think a bird is still on a nest at this time of year.  I organised a walk in June which was cancelled due to exercises and the one in July was linked to our annual picnic.  Birds were far and few between that day however there were plenty of flowers and bugs to look at.  There were plenty of butterflies in the sun including lots of Marbled White and Dark Green Fritillary.  On a bee walk on the centre I saw a lot of the rare Tuburous Thistle so I know what to look out for on the West.  Some birds still around are Grasshopper Warbler and Tree Pipit.  Redstart have bred near Southdown Barn but every time I have looked I never found them.  I saw lots of other birds though but all are expected to be there including Linnet and Goldfinch.  I also will move my nest boxes around Imber as I will not wade through shoulder high nettles next year to check on Great Tits!  None of my new open fronted boxes had anything in them.  I will have to put up more boxes in the autumn!