(1) Blog Posts Made in February 2019


The snow is lying thick at home and it still has not stopped snowing all day.  It started last night and this afternoon I cancelled my monthly walk on the Plain which was planned for tomorrow.  I have been busy on the Plain and done some ringing in the Braydon Forest enclaves followed by twitching at the Cotswold Water Park where I was fortunate to see the Ring-necked Duck with a flock of Pochard.  On the Plain I have been steadily working west with my surveys which have had to stop because of the white stuff.  There has been plenty of corvids and pigeons though I have not yet seen the Starling roost nor a Short-eared Owl thinking about it.  There has been a variety of small birds seen from Great and Blue Tit to Goldfinch and Bullfinch.  There has been Reed Bunting, Yellowhammer, Stonechat and Skylark up to large birds including Raven, Buzzard and a few Sparrowhawks.  There has even been Kestrel and Linnet as well as quantities of Fieldfare.   The last birds I added to the 2019 list were Stock Dove and I am now 83 species for my home land locked county of Wiltshire however that includes a varity of duck.  As well as birds on the Plain there has been Badger setts, Grey Squirel, Roe Deer and Fairy Shrimps.