The Adjutant 2023 - Call for Articles

So, you missed the deadline for the 2022 edition of The Adjutant and your magnum opus is still sitting in your out tray!

Don’t despair, your hard grafted article can be submitted for the 2023 edition.

Please consider submitting any articles for events that have taken place since 1 October 2022 and aim to submit them as soon after the event as practical.

Text should be submitted in Microsoft Word format with accompanying images, preferably in JPEG format, submitted separately, ie not embedded in the text document.  Any issues with the requested formats should be discussed with Hon Editor before submission.

Contact details for the new Hon Editor have been notified to the membership via email from Hon Sec and are also available via the AOS Facebook Group.

The latest submission date to guarantee inclusion in the 2023 edition has yet to be decided but, based on last year, will be early October. However, please don’t wait and start submitting your articles now.

Thank you.

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