Time has flown past and I held my final AGM as Chairman of the Imber Conservation Group (ICG).  Next year the 3 groups will amalgamate.  The only difference will affect the hierarchy and the members will still continue to do their thing.  This year I have seen 65 species on the Plain though this list is not the total number of species for the ICG.  The latest involvement has been the Hen Harier survey.  Whereas my location has a Kestrel, Wren and plenty of corvids passing by the other 2 locations have recorded Hen Harrier, Short-eared Owl, Merlin, Golden Plover to name a few.  We have just recorded a Wheatear on the Plain and the Starling murmuration is starting to form up.  Last month I conducted one of my monthly Nature Walks and near Brounkers Well there were plenty of Yellowhammer, Blackcap, Reed Bunting and Meadow Pipit.  There were still plenty of Skylark on the old Stone Curlew plot where chicks were raised.  During the hot summer there was hardly a bird but it did not strike until the big ponds had delivered their toads!  We will also conduct a winter survey so hopefully I will have something to write about besides my travels across Europe (326 including firsts of Gyr Falcon and Little Bittern).

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