Accessibility Policy

Page structure and style

This site is built with valid HTML and CSS. The content is properly structured, using headings and paragraphs. This website uses valid CSS for layout. The site is also usable with stylesheets disabled or with your own stylesheet.

Content and Navigation links

Whenever possible, links are written to make sense out of context and with the exception of PDF documents links will not open in a new window without warning.

Text size

The text size can be altered in your browser so you can make it larger or smaller as you wish. Look in the 'View' menu of your browser and you should find options to adjust font size.

Images & multimedia

This website provides equivalent text for images that convey information but makes limited use of them overall.

PDF (Portable Document Format)

Some material on here on the Army Ornithological Society website is provided in PDF Format and can be accessed using Adobe Reader, available for free from

More information

If you need more information about a specific accessibility issue please contact us.