Our Work

The Army Ornithological Society (AOS) is, first and foremost, a bird club with a difference, while providing a focal point within the Army for ornithological issues.  It welcomes and values everyone with an interest in birds, whether a casual bird watcher or someone who likes to make their birding contribute to conservation in the round.  And it doesn't stop there.  The AOS is an active Society and we are never happier than when we are getting out and adding to an understanding of birds, both on a personal level and assisting the major conservation organisations at home in the UK and overseas.

What does the Army Ornithological Society do?

What makes our Society different is our willingness to get into the field as often as possible and become involved with bird life.  Whether it's conservation work, bird counts, surveys and ringing or field trips and overseas expeditions, it is important to us that we as serving soldiers, MOD civilians and the retired Service members get the opportunity to enjoy our interest in birds and with like-minded people.  And it's got to be fun.

The focus that we provide has involved casual bird monitoring across the UK, to the mounting of major expeditions and conducting scientific studies.  Current and recent projects have included the coordination of surveys for a major Whinchat study on Salisbury Plain, providing data for the BTO Bird Atlas while trekking through the mountains of north Jura, and contributing to the understanding of bird migration and distribution in parts of Afghanistan.  There is the opportunity for serving personnel and MOD employees to take part in our long-term study of seabirds on Ascension Island, and there is an expedition to Lesvos planned for next year.  There are opportunities to learn how to ring birds and apply that skill on other field trips and expeditions.  And if all this is sounding a little too active, there are regular field days and weekends to places like North Norfolk, Portland, Barnes and Slimbridge to 'check zero' your binos before committing further.

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