Bastion Birding Bang - Week 6

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Bastion Birding Bang - Week 6

Postby Lesser Spot Finder » Thu May 17, 2007 12:44 pm

Stong winds, sand storms, dust devils and an increased PT committment (I am trying to tan and tone before R&R) have dictated what has been seen this week. Bird numbers have dwindled throughout the period as the migration grinds to a halt. Lifers this week have been Oriental (Small)Skylark, Syke's Nightjar, Mourning Wheatear and a possible Steppe Eagle. A great deal of my birding route has now been built on and one area was immediatly colonised by Tree Sparrows which are now confirmed as a breeding species. Birds in the last week have been:

Syke's Nightjar (1)
Oriental (Small) Skylark (1)
Mourning Wheatear (1)
poss Steppe Eagle (1)
Tree Sparrows (numerous)
House Crow (5)
Crested Lark (numerous)
Palm Dove (numerous)

This page will continue to be populated until birds dry out, which, I am sure may happen as temperatures rise to 50+ degrees centigrade.


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