Orlando Week 1

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Orlando Week 1

Postby Imber Eye » Fri Jun 11, 2010 2:26 am

Though I allegedly up to my eyeballs with work I did think that to pass away some of the evenings, a few of you may be interested in my birding around Orlando. I arrived 1 Jun and for the first time I showed my NATO Travel Order at immigration which resulted in no finger prints being taken. What the others thought in the queue I did not stop to ask. Birding started as I drove out of the airport however all I saw were a few egrets and vultures. At the Marriott Residence Inn hotel there was definitely noise coming from the undergrowth and reeds around 2 small lakes/ponds. The number of species seen was limited to Red-winged Blackbirds, Northern Mockingbirds and Common Grackles. I also spotted a Turkey Vulture’s nest on a radio tower not too far away. During the week I added Moorhen, Mottled Duck and Red Cardinal. On Saturday the lure of Cocoa Beach was too strong. We followed Route 520 right to the end and for $10 parked the car by the beach. The sun was very hot and the group of us only lasted a few hours before we took shelter back in the car. During that period we watched Brown Pelicans fishing in front of us as they dived in. In addition they were joined by a Royal Tern whilst Laughing Gulls in various plumages patrolled the beach. On the way back I added Osprey to the list. I was up early on Sunday morning to visit the Orlando Wetland Park. This is straight down Route 50 and in Christmas turn left by the Christmas tree (complete with decorations). This is one my favourite places to visit. It is the treated waste water works for Orlando and is a major wildlife reserve with miles of trails http://www.nbbd.com/godo/orlandowetlands/. The plants were rather lush and hid lots of the birds however there were a few notable birds such as American Bittern out in the open with other egrets and herons around it. A baby Crested Cara Cara could be seen in its nest and a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk was making a real racket whilst the parent sat nearby totally ignoring the calls. I think there were more alligators than bird species seen and at one stage there was only an Anhinga drying its wings but at least 7 gators as I scanned the water in front. By 10 am I was totally shattered from the humidity and called it a day. My species list stands at 33.

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