Week 23 - It doesn't get much better than this!

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Week 23 - It doesn't get much better than this!

Postby Lesser Spot Finder » Sun Sep 16, 2007 5:55 am

16 Sep 07

This week has been something akin to a week in October on Blakeney Point. Two lifers tipified the week and made life interesting. Migration has continued with a vengance with flocks of Sparrows, mainly Tree and House but with the occasional Pale Rock. The House Sparrows are of the migratory race known as Bactrian and may soon be split; one for you arm chair listers in the future. Trumpeter Finch flocks continued until mid week but in smaller numbers.

A Quail was flushed on Tuesday and a run around the newly completed Bastion 2 produced a (Red-spotted) Bluethroat and another 'Masked' Wagtail. Oriental Skylark made another appearance and this species was seen throughout the week with a maximum of 12 on Sunday.

Wednesday was a red letter day with two Red-breasted Flycatchers, two Black Redstarts, one Long Tailed Shrike, a single Orphean Warbler, one Red-footed Falcon of the nominate race, two Pied Bushchats and the first lifer, a first year Menetries's Warbler seen near the bottling plant.

Another mini 'fall' on Thursday with one Richard's Pipit, a new bird for Bastion, one Desert Lesser Whitethroat, four Pied Bushchats, two Stonechats, a pair of Hoopoe, one Ruff, one Shikra, one first year Isabelline Shrike and many hundreds of 'Bactrian' Sparrows. The Desert Lesser Whitethroat has a broken wing and, as I type, is still alive and feeding well around standing water at the bottling plant.

Friday started and ended quietly with only one Oriental Skylark, two Palm Doves, several flocks of Sparrows and three 'Masked' Wagtails. However Saturday improved with another lifer, a Desert Warbler at the bottling plant and one but possibly two Rollers in the morning. Two Barn Swallows were seen briefly mid morning and throughout the day Crested Larks were very much in evidence. Two Desert Lesser Whitethroats were present along with several Oriental Skylarks, three Palm Doves, two 'Masked' Wagtails and a pair of obliging Shikra.

Sunday started quietly with a single Black Redstart, a few 'Bactrian' Sparrows and the twelve Oriental Skylarks mentioned earlier. At midday two Crested Larks were bathing at the bottling plant and a Red-breasted Flycatcher was feeding outside my office. You wouldn't get that in Aldershot! This has been an exceptional week with a number of great birds. The Ruff was very much a surprise given our location and the lack of any substantial water and the two lifers certainly made the week. However, I look forward to the rain and cold of the UK and count down the days until I am again on Blakeney Point. :D


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