Week 22 - Operational Birding at its best! Episode IV

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Week 22 - Operational Birding at its best! Episode IV

Postby Lesser Spot Finder » Sun Sep 09, 2007 8:55 am

9 Sep 07

This week has been productive with two lifers, one expected and one not. Large flocks of Sparrows and Finches have been flying South East, toward the Helmand Rover all week with peak times at lunchtime and last light. Most have proved to be Trumpeter Finch, partucularly at the beginning of the week, Tree Sparrow, House Sparrow and a lifer, Pale Rock Sparrow all in post breeding groups of up to 100 birds.

Shrikes returned in some numbers with three species this week. Isabelline Shrike provided the bulk of the birds, with three present on Monday. A Long-tailed Shrike hung around until mid week and two Bay-backed Shrikes towards the end, with one still present on Saturday.

Three species of Wagtail made sporadic visits throughout the last seven days with both Citrine and 'Flava' Wagtails overflying and the odd 'Alba' Wagtail of the race personata. Crested Larks were prolific as were Palm Doves and two more Spotted Flycatchers were seen, both of the asian race naumanni. A Shikra appeared most days and one on Wednesday, perched on a sangar, was an immature bird.

Warblers were short in numbers, with a Syke's on Wednesday and a lifer, an eagerly awaited and stunning Greenish present at last light on Thursday.

Sunday was quiet with a small number of Crested Larks, Tree Sparrows, larger flocks of House Sparrows and a pair of Pied Bushchats which made a brief appearance over the hospital at 0900hrs. A low flying Shikra at last night proved to be the juvenile seen earlier in the week.

Of non birding interest a migrant Darter species was seen most days with Lesser Emporers towards the latter half of the week, one of which, a female, was stuck in the accommodation pod on Saturday night. A mammal described to me was more than likely a Golden Jackal which was seen at first light near the ammunition compound.

Days to do are getting few as they say, looking forward to birding on Texel next month.


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