Week 21 - Operational Birding at its best! Episode III

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Week 21 - Operational Birding at its best! Episode III

Postby Lesser Spot Finder » Sun Sep 02, 2007 5:30 am

02 Sep 07

Week 21 was a week where Warbler numbers tailed off but large flocks of various passerines made an inpact of birding in Bastion.

Monday saw another Eastern Olivaceous Warbler at the bottling plant along with several Crested Larks and the first returning Spotted Flycatcher which remained until at least lunchtime. The first large flock of Passerines of the week were most likely Trumpeter Finch and sightings later in the week almost certainly proved it. Tree Sparrows were most evident as they would be throughout and the lone Shrike of the day was a stunning adult male Bay-backed Shrike at the ammunition compound.

A visit to Lashkar Gar on Tuesday and Wednesday was unsuccessful birding wise with only Feral Pigeon, Palm Dove and Pied Bushchat around the camp despite its proximity to the River Helmand. The former will not be appearing on my Afghan list. On return to Camp Bastion the usual Crested Larks and Tree Sparrows were found along with one Common Myna. The day finished with a very obliging female Shikra hawking north of the cookhouse.

Thursday morning dawned with a very obliging immature Rose-coloured Starling feeding on the ground adjacenet to the headquarters. This bird was a pre-cursor to the large flocks of this species seen over the remaining days at last light. Sixty plus Trumpeter Finches also overflew just before dark. Crested Larks were ever presesnt.

Two Hume's Lesser Whitethroats were present on the last day of August but disappeared as the sun reached its zenith. A single Palm Dove appeared at the standing water at the bottling plant and a bird calling overhead at midday was an un-identified Bee-Eater species

A total of three Citrine Wagtails were seen on the 1st of September and further flocks of Rose-coloured Starlings and Tree Sparrows flew South East at sunset. A female Common Kestrel made a distant appearance over the south of Camp Bastion.

Sunday started extremely well with twenty two Demoiselle Cranes over the hospital at 0900hrs. A Citrine Wagtail was also present along with several Crested Larks and the ever present Tree Sparrows. I had wondered about the possibility of seeing Cranes over the camp and was most pleased to discover them. The pressure is now off to see this species during decompression in Cyprus.

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