Week 19 - Operational Birding at its best!

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Week 19 - Operational Birding at its best!

Postby Lesser Spot Finder » Sun Aug 19, 2007 8:34 am

19 Aug 07

The last week has proved the most productive for some time. Two new species were seen and as I type there are a number of species throughout the camp. Blyth's Reed Warblers started off the week with several around and these were quickly replaced by the odd Booted Warbler and three stunning Rufous Bush Robins (Chats for the old and bold amongst us) near the bottling plant and vehicle park. An Oriental Skylark made another appearance along with the numerous Crested Larks which appear more prolific than ever. A Citrine Wagtail overflew mid week and two flava Wagtails passed overhead this morning

Syke's Warblers have now appeared, with four in total this week, and I am sure this species was overlooked during the spring. They are easy to seperate from Booted Warbler with experience and I am sure more will be found. A Plain Leaf Warbler briefly passed through this morning. Acrocephalus Warblers, in addition to Blyth's Reed, have included two Clamerous and a Great Reed Warbler which was seen last night on barbed wire of all things. An Orphean Warbler , mid week, made a welcome addition to the avi-fauna of Camp Bastion as it searched for shade under a pile of pallets.

The only raptor seen for some time was a lone Shikra at last light yesterday and the increase of locust species has brought in the first Isabelline Shrike of the race phoenicroides with a juvenile present for the last two days.

Of none birding interest was the large number of a migrant Darter species. I have seen this species in both Turkey and Cyprus before. These dragonflies remained around camp for a couple of days before departing. Where's my dragonfly fieldguide when I need one?

I look forward to the remaining weeks at Bastion now that migration has started.


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