Birding in Scotland

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Birding in Scotland

Postby Bob Hayward » Fri May 18, 2012 2:51 pm

Just had two weeks up north

If you want good views of Corncrake go to the St Columba Hotel and sit in the garden, view from the terrance looking towards the hotel veg gardens, a Corncrake pops up onto the wall and sits and calls every so often, we stayed there and I saw it each day, 5 times in a two hour period one day, unfortunately my camera wasnt up to taking a good photo :evil: , they also get around the fields by the fire station which is close to the ferry point, some birders had seen them but I just got the calls.

Loch Garten
We popped in twice in the afternoon 3.30 and 4.30 and saw Capercaille from the hide, saved me getting up early for the 5.30 watch, so anytime is possiblity for them, also saw Parrot Crossbill in the car park

Glenshee Ski Lodge
I didnt fancy walking up the Cairngorms so we stopped at ski lodge, stood in the car park and saw Ptarmigan up on top of the hill, also saw Red Grouse at various heights including on the skyline, you do need to use a scope.

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