Orlando Week 7

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Orlando Week 7

Postby Imber Eye » Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:57 am

This last weekend has been very much a “tourist” trip rather than searching swamp and woods. There were opportunities for birds to present themselves ready for me to note that they are a new species this trip. One was when I went for an 8 mile paddle along the Wekiva River in a canoe. This was a delightful paddle in a 2 man canoe leading to a numb derriere. The river is full of obstacles such as sandbanks and submerged trees. The current (when there was one of significance) had a habit of pushing the canoe into the overhanging trees. Whereas birds were calling the only ones seen were the egrets and herons. There were fish in the river and I could pick out the Catfish by their burrows. There were plenty of turtles but unfortunately we missed the gators as they were disturbed by the few paddlers in front. On Sunday I visited St Augustine which is the oldest continually habituated town in the USA. Unfortunately only the fort survived from pre 1702 because when the British failed to take the fort from the Spanish, they burnt the town to the ground. Anyway whilst waiting for the trolley bus tour I did spy a Grey Kingbird on the telephone line whilst looking for sparrows cheeping nearby. I drove back along the coast road and saw one or two properties that would have been an ideal place to set up a telescope with views of the sea one way and views of the lagoon and trees the other way. I stopped at various sites on the way and saw lots of birds but nothing new. My species list has grown as at long last I can claim a pair of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in a garden. There were plenty of other birds including Ground Dove and Bluebirds but the Hummingbirds stole the show as we sat on the front porch in the rocking chairs. If you have ideas of me sitting in “Deliverance” country then I could not dissuade you of that thought. I now have 91 species and another 9 is a daunting task as time is getting short and the working hours longer. I have thought that I should add the peacock seen at the Fountain of Youth and the feral population of Muscovy Ducks seen as I go to and from the office but that would not be correct. My hotel list has not moved on despite lying by the pool in the evenings waiting for a new bird to fly over!

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