Orlando Week 5

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Orlando Week 5

Postby Imber Eye » Wed Jul 07, 2010 12:01 am

It was a Bank Holiday weekend here with BBQs and fireworks. That was no excuse to rest on my laurels however I was distracted over the weekend. I spent Saturday at an expats house sitting on the boat dock watching Green Herons constantly fly up and down the canal. On the other side of the water from the house was a reserve area with a variety of birds putting in an appearance. Highlights were an Osprey with fish, a roseate Spoonbill and a very large steak (that was on my plate!). Earlier that day I went for an hour’s airboat ride on the St John’s River. It was a great ride and there were lots of Black-necked Stilts and a few egrets about. All but one small gator were in the water so there are no photos of a gator that nearly got me. On July 4th I had an early morning start and visited Lower Wekiva River preserve which is a wooded area of oak hammocks and pine. A large flock of Pine Warblers worked their way above me whilst Blue-gray Gnatcatchers flittered through the scrub. A bit further down the SR46 was Seminole State Forest. This is a very large reserve and the gates to the roads were locked. I therefore took my advice and looked at birds around the car park adding Hairy Woodpecker to my list. There were plenty of Blue Jays and Mockingbirds distracting me before I called it a day. On Monday, a Bank Holiday (?), I headed for the beach at the National Wildlife Refuge on Merritt Island. There were the normal seabirds on the beach with plenty of Laughing Gulls in various plumages. On the way out at the Ranger Station where I paid a fee to get to the beach an Eastern Towhee was singing its heart out. It is a site for breeding Scrub Jays but none were around. As I stopped at the Station on the way out I did see a Scrub Jay plus 4 Common Nighthawks wheeling in the sky. This was a first for my Florida list and I can add 3 new species to my list for this visit with a total of 85. What is the third; it was a flock of European Starlings at the bridge to Merritt Island. I think that the way ahead maybe to target individual birds so Donald Duck may get a look in.

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