Cyprus Weekly 050812

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Cyprus Weekly 050812

Postby The Bird Finder General » Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:17 am

Cyprus Weekly

Birding Highlights

Week Ending 5 Aug 12

* A photo of the species is included please visit my Flickr site to view

Migration is now in full swing.

Waders continue to pass through but an increase in passerines has been very evident.

On the first day of the week, Akhna Dam held the usual suspects; Greenshank, Temminck’s Stint, Green, Wood and Common Sandpipers*, Coots, Cattle Egrets and a surprise Snipe – the first of the Autumn. From the rear of my house a pleasing sound, at lease three Long-eared Owls calling, amazing that they are in the same wood as twelve years ago during my last tour. Thinking quickly, get Debs to hold the torch tomorrow night when I look for them! Despite a concerted effort in the daylight none were located the following day and only one was heard that evening. Whilst wandering around in the afternoon heat, I realised I could have done with Geoff McMullen being with me. He could have, “became the Owl”, in true Gambian style (great times), which would surely have saved me much pain and frustration. By Tuesday a Ruff was present at Akhna Dam and wader numbers of the species previously mentioned had all increased slightly – but nothing new.

I met a local Cypriot birder this week who I had known during my last tour. A veteran birder and writer of may pamphlets and books on the local area he presented me with his latest edition, which I was very pleased to receive, as I had been acknowledged several times for previous records submitted twelve years ago. He will prove to be a really good contact to have in the area for site information and migration trends. A retired English teacher, language is not a barrier, as my Greek extends to thank-you, excuse me and some other more impolite, choice phrases.

An afternoon visit to my new favourite place, Ayia Napa Sewage Works*, mid-week was productive. Three Long-legged Buzzards* circled over the bluff and in the bushes a cracking adult male Eastern Orphean Warbler. A Spectacled Warbler put on a good show and several Eastern Olivaceous Warblers were normal. The lagoons held a Common Sandpiper, circa twenty Little Grebes with European Swallows and House Martins hawking the lagoons. Three Common Swifts were of note as they are only seen in small numbers on autumn migration.

A mess silver lunch put paid to any birding on Thursday due to the obvious, although later in the evening I did see several pink elephants, a large orange mouse called Graham and a green dragon for some reason?

At Akhna Dam on Fri something had clearly spooked the Herons with fifteen Night Herons taking to the wing, about 30 Cattle Egrets and a Squacco Heron. Hoopoes returned to the site as did a juvenile Masked Shrike*. However, two birds were added to the Cyprus tally this tour with the first Glossy Ibis and a juvenile Marsh Harrier. Later that evening I eventually tracked down a calling Long-eared Owl behind the house and illuminated it with a torch. I didn’t have to become anything thankfully other than hot and sweaty.

The regular early morning start at Ayia Napa Sewage Works was productive with three juvenile Masked Shrikes, the first juveninl Red-backed Shrike* of the autumn and Eastern Orphean and Olivaceous Warblers remained present. Another Glossy Ibis was at Oroklini Marsh the same day whilst a Redshank was at Akhna Dam – new for the site this tour.

The Sunday visit to Larnaca Sewage Works was standard. Although I’m sure that Deb is actually beginning to enjoy the experience. On Spiro’s Pool, which is rapidly disappearing in the heat there were six Collared Pratincole and an adult Dunlin (probably of the race alpina, judging from the size of it’s bill, being Curlew Sandpiper sized.

Two more Glossy Ibis, a female Marsh Harrier and my first Kingfisher of the campaign at Akhna Dam on the way home rounded off a good week.

Other interesting finds: A new butterfly for my Cyprus list, at Ayia Napa Sewage Works on the rocky outcrop that overlooks the lagoons in the form of a Wall Brown*. An Ant Lion*, for those interested a picture is on Flickr in the “Other Creatures” folder. I thought it was some strange Dragonfly at first – a most peculiar beast indeed. There’s also a picture of a quite large Lizard* at Ayia Napa Sewage works, anyone have any idea what species it is?

Look Forward: The continued search for Pygmy Skipper and autumn migrants, with an emphasis on attempting to photograph an Eastern Olivaceous Warbler.

If you are planning a visit or require more info please feel free to contact me at:

Mark Easterbrook
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roger dickey
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Cyprus Birding

Postby roger dickey » Mon Aug 06, 2012 7:57 pm

Bird reports great.

Can even handle the dragonflies.

But Lizards??? Have to check the Constitution!

Keep em coming Mark

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Postby Wandering Tattler » Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:18 pm

I am impressed that you learnt to say, "Excuse me" in Greek!

I take it lesson two will be, "Anything about?" or "It's straight in front of you, if you open your eyes"!

I think we need regular Greek lesson reports, rather than the lists of bird food!

Totally envious of the amazing birds you are getting!


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