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Loose end on a Sunday

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 11:29 pm
by Lesser Spot Finder
I should have trusted my instincts and gone south to Police Point this afternoon. Instead I headed north to the three, usually excellent locations, to see what I could find. I was disappointed in all three locations although, all three were saved by one or two species at each as shown below:

Tillebrook Campsite

Duetting Northern Flickers. Oh and hundreds on Mennonites (looked like Canadian Amish) at their BBQ.

Kidbrook Island

Several Marsh Wrens singing atop of sedge along with a pair of Baltimore Orioles


Several Black Terns and a couple of Commons

On my return I filled up my car ready to hand back ($42) and noticed that because of the afternoon I'd gone over my mileage by 200kms which will equate to $60 extra. Not much for $102 - am I getting picky?

I went up the Jenner Highway for 6km to find myself in exactly the same place as I was last week - seems I did walk 12km return. Chestnut-Collared Longspur (misidentified as Lapland Bunting initially - I'm in the naughty corner) was present along with Shore Lark, Northern Harrier, Willet and American Avocet.

All in all I had a cracking weekend but am now wondering what I missed at Police Point.