It's tipping it down

Birding reports from our roving reporter, Lesser Spot Finder, in Alberta, Canada.
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It's tipping it down

Postby Lesser Spot Finder » Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:00 pm

It's absolutely tipping it down. Only two species seen this morning as I have been to and from camp in a vehicle. Cliff Swallows continue to hawk over the camp and I have just seen a broad winged accipiter flying high west over the COEFOR HQ. Suspect Sharp-Shinned Hawk although its jizz did not appear correct to me. Have taken advice from Tim C on the identification. I really should be out there trying to dig up grounded migrants but perhaps will wait until the rain subsides.

Sharp-shinned Hawk 'im das beutel' as the Germans would say.

The rain has its advantages - no mossies. I became fodder on the way to Ralston for little but displaying Wilson's Snipe, American Wigeon and a bird I think might have been a juvenile Swainson's Hawk. Picture on FB.

36 lifers to date. :D

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