Oven Hot

Birding reports from from our rep in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
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Oven Hot

Postby Lesser Spot Finder » Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:43 am

Someone has turned the temperature up and I am now living in a fan assisted oven. Yesterday it was 50 odd degrees centigrade with BearskinnedBirder reporting 57 in his location. Quite how he manages the day in Osprey Body Armour is beyond me. As you’d expect birdlife is diminishing, although I am still managing to bump into stuff on my travels around Bastion/Leatherneck.

Birds of note have included 3 Rollers over Runway’s End Marsh on 1st July with another stunning male bird on the southern perimeter fence on the 3rd. I rather bizarrely completed the Danish 25km tab around camp on the 8th in full kit. Thirty minutes into it, with another three hours to go, I was beginning to wonder why I had volunteered when a flock of thirty plus Rose-coloured Starlings flew over heading to the south; this is a species I had seen previously here.

Since then there has been a distinct rise in temperature and even the commoner species are finding shade and sticking to it; I now have to travel to find birds, usually to and from meetings when I see things crossing the road. On the 9th I flushed a lone Green Sandpiper at the new filter bed at the southern entrance and as I drove by a Lesser Sand Plover overflew the Tata.

I have a garden list here – it’s not a garden as you’d know it but the camp where my accommodation and work place is. I added two species to my garden list yesterday; four Lesser Sand Plover overflew calling as I headed back to the tent from the outside privy. It was very windy yesterday and these birds were really being buffeted. A couple of hours later I flushed a very exhausted Clamorous Reed Warbler from the vehicle park. This bird really was finding it difficult to fly and I left it sheltering under an iso-container. Again, another bird I am familiar with from previous tours but one which I had, up to now, missed this time around.

This morning I added four Crowned Sandgrouse and two obliging Pin-Tailed Sandgrouse at Runway's End Marsh; I visited the site during a dog-legged route to a meeting.

I depart on R&R in 11 days Morale is increasing daily and I am now looking forward to wearing my gore-tex jacket to avoid getting too wet. North Norfolk is looking like a good option; the plan is to be at Cley NWT at 0900hrs on the 2 August if anyone is interested.

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Postby Turnstone » Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:00 pm

Sorry I can't join you at Cley (again!). I am committed to a ringing demo at Minsmere.


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