PB Rahim

Birding reports from from our rep in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
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PB Rahim

Postby Lesser Spot Finder » Wed May 16, 2012 4:56 am

I visited PB Rahim for two days; an excellent location on the edge of the green zone. I didn't get out onto the ground as one Check Point I was due to visit came into see me so I missed some possible new birds - I would have patrolled through the Helmand River Flood Plain with the chance of various Lapwings and the odd passerine. Still, I managed a lifer - Yellow-throated Sparrow with one pair breeding behind the Officers' accommodation. As I left there were a further two singing males at the HLS and mid morning I had a Steppe Eagle low over the location before flying north. Other birds in the PB were, Swallow, House and Tree Sparrow, Common Myna and Laughing Dove with a night time movement of Crowned Sandgrouse over as I lay in my hammock enjoying the lack of light pollution. I can now pick out their call with ease.

Bearskinbirder1 - when you get back there check the barbed wire behind your accommodation. A pair of Yellow-throated Sparrows are in residence with the male in full song. Sounds like a high pitched House Sparrow. The male is using the wire and the adjacent security camera frame as singing posts.

Congratulations must go to Andrew Bray for the award of the President's Medal - much deserved.

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Postby Bearskinbirder1 » Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:39 am

I was up there the other day but hadn't seen this unfortunately so I didn't know where to look. Hopefully they'll hang around for a while!

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