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A mixed two weeks

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:07 am
by Lesser Spot Finder
The start of the last fortnight started off extremely well with both Turkestan and Isabelline Shrikes at the airfield and Waste Water Site. The latter was also joined by a stunning Citrine Wagtail, several Masked Wagtails and 20+ Spanish Sparrows and it was apparent that the Pipits had all continued north.

Five Variable Wheatears were found on the driver training area on the 28th February. Two races were seen with both picata and opistholeuca present all day before disappearing and not being re-discovered again

Swallows have appeared flying through Bastion but not in large numbers and these were some of the only visible migrants following the Wheatears. Little else was seen as temperatures rose until the call of Demoiselle Cranes were heard high over the accommodation on the 10th March; the birds were barely visible but a welcome year tick.

Again both Turkestan and Isabelline Shrikes made appearances on the barbed wire surrounding the airfield on the 11th March and over the last two days little, bar Crested Lark, have been found.

I have been disappointed with the amount of migration and am sure that the amount of development and large numbers of vehicles has caused birds to move quickly through. I'll continue to look out for birds and guess my next major birding foray will be as I pass through Kandahar on my return home.[/i]