First Reports from Pashto Twitterings

More operational birding but with the advantage of being able to move around the locations.
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First Reports from Pashto Twitterings

Postby roger dickey » Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:57 pm

Posted on behalf of Lynne,

Am out here at the moment but it is very difficult for me to get on email. Rather like Chris (I think) it can be rather intermittent. Am usually based at FOB Delhi but am currently down on the PB line for a while. Maybe you wouldn't mind posting something up on the site for me - I am not quite sure what I am doing entirely with this site. Pls don't feel obligated at all though.

My descriptions will quite honestly be much WORSE than Chris's. I am enthusiastic but hopeless at identification. However, so far, I KNOW that I have seen some black winged stilts, a couple of coots, 3 mynahs and an unknown duck type thing - all around the pond in Kandahar (Rich will know the pond I mean).

Also, have seen tree sparrows, crested larks (loads) and some buzzards who were flying over Bastion when I was there. There were also some birds (too far away to identify) which were in a group of 5 or 6 which were flying around like starlings - all flying in a bunch and wheeling around quite close to the ground.

At Delhi, there are now loads of swallows and also a flycatcher (not sure what type) which seems always to be on the wall near my accom. There are also some birds which I can hear but I haven't seen yet. They seem to call early in the morning and have a rasping call. They seem to call to each other, as one calls and then another seems to answer from another place. Sorry - that's a bit hopeless but all I can say about them.

Nothing new seen at the PB or on patrol yet - although did see a fresh water crab yesterday! Plenty of crested larks and sparrows here. To be honest, on patrol I am just trying to get round - I am definitely NOT an infantry type - so perhaps am not noticing the bird life as much as I could be!

Anyway, that's it for now. Thanks for thinking of me!


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