Birding through SUSAT

This is extreme birding from the far north. Good luck and keep the sightings coming.
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Birding through SUSAT

Postby chrisdickey » Tue Feb 24, 2009 4:21 am

Sanger duty I am finding has it's perks, especially when your watch covers the dawn migration. A great white egret meandered north up the Musa QAleh wadi, probably to the wetlands two kilometers north of the DC, where I have seen a heronry and smaller egrets. Common sand pipers were also present as the morning progressed, darting around the braided river. More black headed gulls, usually in groups of 6-8 and little gulls (thank you Tim) in smaller groups of aorund 4 or 5 can be seen migrating north. However, to my delight, I saw a Hoopoe, which I haven't seen since my first fire fight back in October 08.

Roshan has now been cancelled and I am off to Wocab again. Therefore, off these means till my rip on the 22nd March.

29 CDo Extreme Birding.

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