Birding through SUSAT

This is extreme birding from the far north. Good luck and keep the sightings coming.
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Birding through SUSAT

Postby chrisdickey » Mon Feb 16, 2009 6:22 am

Hello All,

With the winter now over, which involved flash flooding and a drop in temperature, the ground is lush with grass and insects. Therefore, I have seen some species migrating north including swallows, gulls and flocks of little brown jobs, which I can not possitively identify. I have also seen Chukar a type of partridge I think and it was very close so that one was a definate PID!

I am off to Roshan Tower in days few, which is a communications tower on the edge of a high plateau. Hopefully I'll see more birds of prey soaring on the thermals as I have done around Mt. Doom. It will also be a great place to spot migrating birds flying north up the Musa Qaleh wadi, so watch this space!!!

Regards to all,

29 Cdo Extreme Birding.

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Extreme birding

Postby duncan » Wed Feb 18, 2009 10:14 pm

Chris, am sorry the ski season has passed you by but delighted that you are getting around to see the sights as a good tourist should. I hope the thermals are of the soaring kind and not the chafing kind,
take care,
Lin + Duncan :D

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