Birding through SUSAT

This is extreme birding from the far north. Good luck and keep the sightings coming.
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Birding through SUSAT

Postby chrisdickey » Mon Nov 10, 2008 9:21 pm

Hello All,

I've just come back from a stint in the north finding the FLET (found it!)and have found a brilliant marsh land with oodles of birds. The river is braided to the north with wetlands. I have seen:

A colony of grey heron
A black Kite

Around this time, more flocks are seen migrating south, especially large flocks of gulls and other stork shaped birds.

Many thanks for all your comments, mourning dove will be added to the list and the wagtail is still uncertain and Mark has described it as having a black head. This one has some black around the eye but predominantly white.

Speak soon,

29 Cdo Extreme birding.

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