Nanyuki Showground Camp

The Lesser Spot Finder temporarily migrated to Kenya in June 2008. Africa hands will find the trail worth following.
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Nanyuki Showground Camp

Postby Lesser Spot Finder » Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:31 pm

Nanyuki Showground Camp (NSG) is the British Army’s camp at the base of Mount Kenya and has been the home for thousands of soldiers over the years whilst they took part in the many infantry, engineer and medical exercises.

I am here as part of 4 Medical Regiment’s participation in Exercise SHARP POINT 08, an exercise where the regiment provides medical outreach to the local population. As the main custodian of the bank NSG will be my home for the next 5 weeks whilst the remainder deploy north. In addition to NSG I will spend some time at Sweetwater’s Game Reserve whilst accompanying various high profile visitors. A recce trip to this location has already been fruitful with an excellent “Out of Africa” experience.

In line with past blogs I will not attempt to give you a flavour of the birdlife in and around NSG. I have had a total of thirty two lifers this week, four of which I have seen within NSG. Birds are prolific in NSG and appear in greater numbers than you would probably expect in the UK. Common birds include Tacazze Sunbird, African Firefinch, the aptly names Superb Starling, Von der Decken’s Hornbill, Purple Grenadier and as I type I am looking at a Cape Robin Chat feeding by the door to my room. Overhead White-rumped Swifts and Hadada Ibis are omni present and last night a juvenile Augur Buzzard was persistently mobbed by a stunning African Goshawk.

Birds currently brooding or with young are found throughout the camp with African Paradise Flycatcher, African Harrier Hawk, White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher and Yellow-rumped Seedeater amongst them.

I hope to add to the thirty eight species already found on camp and the hundred plus I have already seen this week. Watch this space for further updates. Kenya is a wonderful place and a must for anyone who has not yet been to sample this African birding Paradise.

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