Ascension Frigatebird

AOS Expedition discovers first recorded nesting Frigatebirds since Charles Darwin

On Saturday 1 December a member of the AOS discoverd two nesting Ascension Frigatebirds on a remote part of the Island.  The AOS were on their 18th expedition to monitor seabirds on the Island.  This find spread like wildfire across the Island as this was the first recorded nesting Frigatebirds on the mainland since Charles Darwin visited in the early 19th Century.  A press release was prepared by the Ascension Island Government with the RSPB and was printed in the Observer today.  Unfortunately the role of the AOS in providing the data for conservation efforts and this momentus find was not mentioned by the paper.


  1. Roger Dickey | 9th Dec 2012 08:04 PM

    I have passed congrats to Andy for this discovery but still think it a great shame that principal support organisations cannot give credit where it is due. 

    I have made is very well known at the BTO AGM that it was an AOS expedition and member who made the discovery.


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