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If you have a question for the Army Ornithological Society (AOS) contact us by completing the adjacent contact form. But, before you do, could the answer to your enquiry be covered by one of the following sections of the website? Membership - Apply to join the AOS. Latest Events - Forthcoming Events.…read more

AOS Membership

The Army Ornithological Society (AOS) provides the Army's focal point for ornithological issues by getting involved in conservation work, bird counts and other MOD and civilian schemes through field trips, overseas expeditions and even scientific studies.  From straight forward bird watching…read more

Committee Members

The following table details the officers of the society who, with the exception of the President, are elected annually at the AGM.  The committee is entrusted with leading, managing and coordinating the Society's diverse activities and maintaining liaison with other conservation bodies. Appointment…read more


The AGM is historically incorporated into a field weekend based on one of the Army's UK training areas. As well as the formal business the weekend always provides excellent birding opportunities and the chance to catch up with old comrades in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Read the record of…read more